6 Advantages of Serverless Integration


Scalability as an issue can rear its ugly head in several ways. Systems can become slow, or you can hit the ceiling on what an app can handle. You may be using a monolithic application that isn’t flexible enough to respond to the increased load or easily add new services. Whatever the core reason, a problem with scaling can be better managed with serverless.


The magnitude of the cost difference between a serverless solution and an iPaaS solution can be staggering. Licensing fees and hosting costs can run into six-figures, while a serverless integration solution may only cost one-tenth of that. Add on to that any number of challenges — poor ROI for your current solution, low margin, challenges devising a pricing model, or difficulty separating customer traffic for billing — and serverless computing begins to make a lot of sense.


Working in technology has always been about learning something new and exciting. But the cloud isn’t about learning a new syntax or methodology. It’s an entirely new concept. One that serverless computing takes one step further.


Security becomes more and more important daily and requires increasingly specialized knowledge to stay on top of. If your teams are constantly updating your infrastructure’s security or you have known vulnerabilities in your legacy systems, it’s time to look at serverless.

High Availability

The reliability of components is the reputational currency of an IT department. When components of your system go down, or there are continuity issues, the trust with the rest of the business is damaged. At the same time, architecture and support teams have lost sleep on high priority incident management.


Disruption is everywhere, and for some businesses, the ability to innovate quickly is a do or die proposition. Excessive backlogs or lack of flexibility with your current solution can be stifling and cause increases in your time to market for new products and services.



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Aaron Lieberman

Aaron Lieberman


Aaron’s passion for technology drives him to find innovative ways to help advance organizations through technology.