DevOps in a Serverless Environment: Accelerating Possibility

What is DevOps for Serverless?

In a legacy or monolithic environment, DevOps is inherently myopic. You focus on the processes around a single application. That could be a monolithic application or a single app being deployed to a server. Once established, the process is consistent each time, with little change. As a repeatable and predictable process, it’s relatively easy to set up good DevOps processes, measure success, and improve.

Don’t Skip the DevOps in Serverless

There may be a temptation to ignore DevOps once you’ve moved to serverless. If you find yourself thinking this way, you’re not alone. But organizations that succeed with initial serverless deployments and ignore DevOps from the get-go later struggle with managing the rapidly growing serverless footprint, governance, and maintaining hygiene in their serverless environment.These are all things that DevOps are meant to help with.

Being Successful with DevOps in a Serverless Environment

In the new serverless world, your DevOps practice is gauged on several factors:



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Aaron Lieberman

Aaron Lieberman


Aaron’s passion for technology drives him to find innovative ways to help advance organizations through technology.