DevOps in a Serverless Environment: The 6 Major Benefits

The 6 Major Benefits of DevOps

Rapid Innovation

Modernization has sped up the business world. Companies need to release new features and enhanced offerings faster than ever before. DevOps facilitates that speed. Not only can new and better features be released quickly, but those releases can be executed flawlessly. Even better, rapid feature development spurs innovation.

Accelerate Deployments

A lot of what was represented above was automated. But what does your deployment cycle look like without an automated DevOps process?

Eliminating Mistakes

I’d be surprised if the last section didn’t have you thinking about everything that could go wrong — from a mistimed deploy script running to files being deployed to the wrong server. DevOps creates consistent processes and sets defined roles and responsibilities while removing the danger of human error.

Automate QA

Regression testing is an integral part of a mature development process. But many businesses don’t feel confident in their end-to-end testing. Often, what’s required to do a full regression test is tribal knowledge — only 1 or 2 people in the entire company know what’s involved.

Great Developer Experience

Developers want to focus on what they do best- developing code. DevOps allows for that, which in turn makes your developers happier.

Enhanced Security

A determining factor in security is consistency. DevOps can enforce security practices so that everything that goes out meets the company’s standards.

Making Serverless Better with DevOps

Everything described above are the benefits anyone will get from leveraging DevOps, and all of those benefits apply to serverless as well. Here’s where the difference comes in, though — when DevOps is used in conjunction with serverless, those benefits are amplified.



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Aaron Lieberman

Aaron Lieberman


Aaron’s passion for technology drives him to find innovative ways to help advance organizations through technology.