Getting the most out of MuleSoft and AWS

As you probably already know, MuleSoft is a market-leading tool for APIs and integrations. MuleSoft’s strengths play well as a leader in the integration space. And, combining MuleSoft with AWS allows organizations to take advantage of the strengths of each platform in a better-together model.

When does a hybrid model make sense?

Combining technologies in a hybrid integration model is not only common; it’s recommended. Combining MuleSoft and AWS creates a complete and robust solution for many use cases, allowing you to leverage a straightforward solution from one to increase the other’s performance and use. For instance, MuleSoft intentionally does not provide large-scale cloud storage. Instead, MuleSoft offers Object Store for use cases where key/value data needs to be accessed quickly. AWS, of course, does offer large scale cloud storage.

11 AWS services that work well with MuleSoft

  1. Amazon API Gateway: Some organizations mandate the use of AWS for certain APIs. If that’s the case, you can use the Amazon API Gateway and proxy to MuleSoft APIs behind the scenes, or vice versa.

You will notice that many of these services you can use from AWS in a better together model with MuleSoft utilize the serverless model. Serverless comes with many benefits and usually makes for a great hybrid model between MuleSoft capabilities and the ultimate scalability and pricing of AWS serverless services.
In part two of this series, we will discuss some great use cases where it makes sense to combine MuleSoft and AWS. Watch our webinar to learn how to extend AWS capabilities with MuleSoft.

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