Serverless Governance Best Practices

Scope and Best Practices Techniques for Serverless Governance

If you’re looking for strategic ways to handle the governance of your microservices on serverless, these are the scope and best practice techniques that we recommend.


Inventorying your microservices across environments is an indispensable tool that can help you keep track of services scattered across your ecosystem. A good, up-to-date inventory simplifies management and reuse. Self documenting tools such as incorporating your inventory updates in your CI/CD pipeline are a great practice and relieve the burden on developers to remember to constantly update the inventory of services.


Logging is essential for managing and monitoring. It is not a trivial matter when implemented across distributed microservices. It’s difficult, and it’s nuanced, but logging in a centralized tool purpose-built for log consumption simplifies support and debugging activities.

Visibility and Monitoring

As mentioned, logging provides monitoring and visibility into your services. Even when support and development aren’t actively working a problem, that visibility offers a lot of information, including the health of the microservices and their performance.

Access Control

It should go without saying, but access control is a cornerstone of governance. You don’t want just anyone being able to have access to edit, deploy, download, or even delete your services. Security starts with controlling who can manipulate your microservices.


Effectively managing multitudes of microservices across a serverless ecosystem requires proper DevOps processes, including testing automation and a reliable and proven CI/CD pipeline. With your deployment pipeline controlling what goes into the environments, there is a finer level of control without significant ops overhead. Automation offers fewer concerns for collisions and reduces manual deployment time.



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